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We are a company dedicated to building the best dehydrated fruit and vegetable snacks. We work with great dedication to customer care by providing a healthy and quality product. Over the past 3 years of operation and development, the Company has been known and trusted by many customers. The company specializes in providing wholesale – retail of all kinds of nutritious nuts such as: macca nuts, cashews, almonds, chia seeds, walnuts, … In addition, we also own high quality food products. Only delicious but also nutritious: Tay Nguyen honey, oolong tea, green tea, coffee, jam and confectionery. For customers who want to buy in bulk, we have a super preferential and attractive wholesale price policy.


A quality supplier

For our customers - a dominant food supplier in Vietnam, known for our professionalism and quality customer service.

Trusted, strategic, long-term partner

A reliable partner providing the right standard goods at the best controlled prices to the grocery stores.


Quality products, safe and hygienic, agricultural origin, beautiful packaging, affordable price, satisfied after-sales.


Input materials and partner networks are carefully selected. The production, packaging and storage processes are well done. Chia is a crop grown mainly in Australia. Chia seeds are the size of a pea and quite similar to a sesame seed in Vietnam, the ingredients in these two are different The nutrients inside the seeds provide many nutrients for humans such as: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9, iron, megan, magnesium, zinc, Omega-3, Omega-6, fiber, calcium, protein … According to research, the nutritional content of chia seeds is many times higher than the foods you normally use such as rice, fish, milk, meat …


“… Let's combine this nut with a salad to add flavor. You can make a kale salad with pine nuts or a fruit salad. These are definitely delicious and nutritious dishes ... "


Beautiful, affordable

100% Origanic from the world's leading reliable supplier. Organic foods are foods that are produced by methods and standards

Quality and safety

Hygiene safety is always the first priority from which we ensure maximum quality.


A 2 tablespoon serving of chia seeds provides 9.6g (about 38%) of the daily recommended fiber content.

Maximum consumption for health

Consuming the recommended amount of fiber will help you reduce your risk of constipation, heart disease, obesity, and blood sugar levels.

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