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The richest are the one in good health

The richest are the one in the BEST HEALTH

Society is now growing and the demands on life – the health requirements of each of us also increase gradually. I’ve heard something saying somewhere: “The richest person is the one with the best quality of life.” However, in what way is the quality of life evaluated? and does it really bring meaning to life today?

Since the time when the country was still poor, implementing the mechanism of concentration, subsidy, not allowing the existence of individual economy. Supply is not enough demand, because rice is not enough to eat but there are meals filled with a pot of cassava, salted sesame salt peanuts. The “accompanying dishes” are very familiar to me, but the health is not as desired.

And about 20 years ago, the interest in nutrition. Along with daily eating habits are increasingly popular among Vietnamese people.

10 years ago, accompanied by innovation to integrate the development of the country. The quality of life has changed dramaticly. As someone who lived for two periods, I saw deprivation to excess. From pure dishes from nature to dishes that are processed like fried, fried … Accompanied by additives to increase the attractiveness of the dish is used more than all.

However, in recent years, the demand for quality consumption is no longer good. In addition to that are higher standards. Requires safety and health for consumers.

These foods are clean, rich in nutrients and healthy. Being a necessity and leading in every Vietnamese family. Instead of eating greasy fried foods, which are high in protein and cholesterol. Currently, the demand for nuts, foods comes from nature. And drying food in everyday life increases significantly.

Some time ago, I didn’t take care of my health, eating unsymist out of science. And frequent use of alcohol should currently be experiencing certain problems. Diabetes and fatty liver caused me to change my diet and limit a lot of foods. However, thanks to the advice of doctors and the “labor” of the search of his wife. I have found alternative products that maintain nutrients for my body.

Chia seeds, mushroom snacks and raisins are the top three foods I prioritize. It not only brings high nutritional value. On the other side, it helped me improve my health. After a period of use and in combination with the scientific way of eating. I see the effect this product group brings to my health. Moreover, everyone in my family uses it. And use it as a nutrient supplement.

Quality of life is something we can change. And in fact, looking at the health implications that are most evident is the alarming level of cancer incidence and death in Viet Nam.

Therefore, be a wise consumer. Improve your own family’s quality of life with the best choices.

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